Features of our companies

We carry out activities that minimize pollution, or at least reduce the environmental impact

1.- The work processes of our companies are clean, we do activities that do not adversely affect the environment and take into account the occupational health of those involved in the process.

2.- We carry out activities that minimize pollution, or at least reduce the environmental impact, and in cases where the business activity is detrimental to the environment we aim to correct them.

3.- We imply the philosophy of recycling on a number of key points such as reducing consumption, reusing certain products and recycling. In some countries where REMAR acts, recycling companies have been created, such is the case of Peru, in the city of Arequipa.

4.- Consequent consumption is favored, by educating people living in our centers, to live austerely, without spending more than they need, and rejecting products that may be considered anti ecological or that violate the dignity or human rights directly or indirectly.

By recycling we can contribute
financially to the work of Remar.
We collect unused appliances,
old furniture for restoration.

Remar Store

Remar ''Hiper Rastro'' Store


Members of Our companies understand the decisions REMAR philosophy, management, balances ... making it possible for all people who are involved in the company, to participate in decision-making, offer new initiatives and ideas.

We have economic transparency, the information gets to all of the workers, our accounts are clean, and fraud-free.

We work for love of God and our neighbors.

It's not just about solidarity with the company and/or its workers, but also enhancing social solidarity.

Second-hand store where you can
find even the most unusual things.

Pine furniture, oak, cherry, raw,
varnished ...

hiper rastro

Our companies do not have a commercial purpose.

They are economically profitable companies, taking into count that, the revenues covers operating costs plus depreciation plus tax, considering that the early years of any business project usually imply loss.

The annual benefits not allocated among partners, or between those responsible for the Foundation, but are intended for development projects in needy countries, building new homes, buying properties for new rehabilitation centers, opening new canteens, health centers, humanitarian aid container shipments, etc.

Remar Shop ''Hiper Rastro''


Detergents for sale in countries like Guatemala,
Colombia, Ecuador… for sustaining care-homes.

Our companies mainly seek the quality of life of workers, welcoming and reinserting them through educational, moral and spiritual support.

Most people involved in these companies are admitted in the centers of Remar in reintegration programs... but there are also many volunteers... who dedicate their efforts to raise funds and achieve profitability in these companies for the support of social work in the third world.

Therefore, in our businesses, we favor integration processes with "standard" voluntary people to avoid creating stigmatizing centers. In this category we list the following:

  • People with physical and mental disabilities
  • People undergoing detoxification treatment
  • Those sentenced to imprisonment favored by alternative measures provided by law
  • Immigrants
  • Unemployed people without personal resources
  • Other persons subject to social reintegration

Committed people are responsible for the sale of new or second-hand furniture.

We buy or rent establishments for the sale of furniture.

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