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The Hiper Rastro Shop is a supportive business where you can find all kinds of items, furniture and domestic and import for retail purchase or wholesale goods.

In addition to the online store, we have shops in all the provinces of Spain and Portugal, and in several other countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. ALL PROCEEDS WITH OUR SALES TARGET PRODUCTS EXCLUSIVELY TO SUPPORT THE SOCIAL WORK OF THE REMAR NGDO IN 70 COUNTRIES HOLDING.



REMAR promotes training of the beneficiaries and on this basis has developed some companies. Such is the case of the PRINTING OFFICES where young and old learn a decent job that inserts them in the workplace and is both a means of funding for our schools. In our PRINTING OFFICES all advertising materials, promotion and advertising of REMAR are made.

Printing Office, where we can make from brochures, posters, CD covers, DVD, advertising, etc.

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Remar NGO Printshop



Remar NGO

hese installations are hired out for retreats for young people, women, businessmen, married couples, who are looking to enjoy a weekend rest with excellent service, delicious meals, and a pleasant atmosphere. “REC” (Christian economic network) is an international network of support amongst Christian businessmen to make the best use of the resources of each one, so that new businesses can be set up which support humanitarian aid projects. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Remar NGO Shop

Remar receives donations of used clothing or clothing with defects, footwear and curiosities that we have for sale in CHARITY SHOPS calls, creating a network of stores throughout Spain and the countries where it operates Remar, selling clothes at a very affordable for people who do not have enough resources. With all the resources. We have fabric stores, carpets, old clothes, curtains, etc.




Remar NGO Publishing House

The Editorial Remar Publishing House is a means of communicating and making known the work that we carry out. Editorial Remar offers a wide range of books written by our founder and by other authors, of human content which inspires to good works. There are also magazines and publicity material that divulge information about the different Remar activities, and present themes of general interest.

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Transremar S.L. is a national and international transport company. Its primary objective is to provide a professional activity as part of rehabilitation therapy, mainly the group of drivers (truckers). It has six trailers, moving in Spain and Europe, covering transportation needs Remar and directly participating as a subcontractor on the market for heavy transport.

Remar NGO Madrid   Remar NGO Madrid 002

We transport the material to sell, like furniture in large trailers to carry different cities and so to then sell. We have a large fleet of trailers.



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