How do we live?

How do we live?

In Remar we have a community lifestyle, which means that the beneficiaries and the volunteers responsible for each home and project live alongside one another.


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Community Life

"Faced with the great importance of sharing with the needy, in a world which distributes wealth in such a disproportionate way, and having a desire to extend the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and discovering the Biblical principle concerning community life as taught in the book of Acts, we made a crucial decision as a family. Just like those first disciples of Christ, we decided to share what we had, financially and in terms of property, in order to help and reach to the most forsaken. (Acts 2:42 and 4:32) This book, as it narrates the lives of those men and women, affirms that there were no needy ones amongst them. Moreover, before the Christian diaspora, they reached to a total of more than 150,000 living in this way in Jerusalem. Over the centuries, there have always been Christian movements that, in a desire not to become attached to material possessions, have taken the decision to share what they have and to live in community. However, in our times there is no need to put on a hard sackcloth habit. There is no mandatory obligation, and there never has been, to become a celibate in order to be useful and consecrated. This present-day community lifestyle provides for all the family’s needs, providing resources for the balanced development of both the family nucleus and of single people. Living in community reduces financial costs, and so we are able to take in and help thousands of people who, on their own, would not be able to achieve a decent lifestyle. (When brothers and sisters work together, even the mountains are converted into gold. Chinese proverb.)

Following this example, many, in a voluntary and altruistic manner, have adopted the same kind of lifestyle for themselves, a lifestyle in which every member, from the first to the last, chooses this simple way. Every need is met whilst everyone works together actively for the good of all. There is great satisfaction for, whatever their particular task, from the humblest to the most sophisticated; each one knows that they are helping to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to provide food for the prisoners, medicine to the sick, etc. The varied talents of the volunteers are put to full use, thus enabling us to develop small businesses and services whose profits support the social work of Remar in those countries where it is active.

We can say, with gratitude to God, that Remar is a group organization made up of more than 200,000 people spread out over 72 countries, and dedicated to helping all kinds of needy people. In particular, welcoming in thousands of children, elderly people, the very weak, and covering all their needs, providing them with a family home, food, clothing, medicines, education, medical services, etc.… Also helping thousands who do not live in the Remar communities but who attend the free meals centres, the schools, the clinics, etc., or who are in prison but receive food and clothing.

REMAR builds homes, schools, health clinics, professional training workshops, and develops small businesses, etc. This Association of associations, or Foundation, as it is called in some of the countries, would not exist, nor would it have been able to help thousands of people, if it had not been for the voluntary decision of the majority of its members to live in community."


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Mª del Carmen Jiménez de Díez.
Wife of the President of REMAR INTERNATIONAL)

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