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An Organization for solidarity
Remar is a Christian non-governmental development organization (ONGD), whose principal objective is to improve the living conditions of children, families and communities of the poorest countries.
We began our work in Spain, in 1982, amongst people with problems of drug addiction. Today we are one of the principal Spanish non-governmental organizations dedicated to international cooperation. We carry out a humanitarian and social work in which the ruling philosophy is to contribute towards the improvement in the living conditions of those who have least resources and opportunities. One of the identification marks of our organization is that our activities and programmes are carried out working side by side with the beneficiaries, in the realization of our planned objectives.
As to date, we are present in 58 countries. In all these places we identify areas of intervention where, together with the local communities, we work on long-term projects which last from ten to fifteen years, attempting to head off the structural causes of poverty and supporting the strengthening of community solidarity. In the areas where we are present we also give technical and economic assistance in emergency situations which may have been motivated by a natural catastrophe, military conflict or some other kind of humanitarian disaster facing the people.
In order to achieve a real and lasting impact, which will improve the quality of life of those who are excluded and which will promote their dignity, the development programmes integrate the potentials, the strategies and the local experience of these poverty-stricken communities.
We endeavour to strengthen the skills of those who have least and to improve relationships within their social reality. We also share apprenticeship in environmentally-friendly techniques and technological productivity and give them to access to information useful to their self-development.
In our vision for development the protagonists, as far as both methods and goals are concerned, are those who are suffering situations of injustice. Therefore the people themselves and their skills capacity are those which dictate our development model.
Our intervention is centred upon Development Areas, and is also associated with long-term processes of change. We work towards the promotion of substantial modifications in the living conditions of the least favoured

With the collaboration of volunteers who are prepared to help the needy, these people are made to feel more comfortable, here in the 
Remar homes.

With the arrival, in shipped containers, of food supplies from the developed countries we are able to feed many people. Our volunteers here are serving meals to a group of people who
live in refugee camps in Angola, Africa.

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