A storm accompanied by strong snowstorms surprised us at Malakasa camp by destroying the school structure and everything inside.

With your help, we will continue to cover the field needs by building a new structure. "This you see here is the tent that we have for the children that yesterday because of the snow and all the accumulated weight gave way and therefore in today we will try to clean, see what the damages are and check if we can Recover it or say goodbye to this tent that has given so many joys to the thousands of children who during these months came to her. "Juan Carlos tells us the responsible for the refugee camps of Remar SOS.

Remar NGO does a calling of URGENT HELP for the Camps of Refugies of Malakasa and Central Europe before the cold wave that sweeps Europe. The cold wave sweeping Europe is worsening, the already painful condition of the refugees. Thousands of people, mostly Syrians, survive on the Serbian border and refugee camps in Greece in terrible conditions. Exposed and unprotected, they fight against extreme cold and snow.

They make queues to get the rations of hot food that the NGO prepares. They squat, shivering by 18 degrees below zero. Similar scenes are repeated in other parts of the Balkans and Greece, where snow and thermometers in negative are common denominator. On the Greek island of Lesbos, with negative temperatures and thick snow reaching 30 centimeters, life in the Moria refugee camp is almost impossible. Members of Médecins Sans Frontières warned on Monday of risk of freezing for some people.

As NGOs working in the field turn on all the alarm and REMAR signals with their SOS REMAR program that operates in several refugee camps such as Malakasa in Greece, to which belong the images that illustrate this news, it appeals URGENCY to request donations of food, warm clothing, blankets, socks and economic to cover the needs of more than 6,000 refugees who are served in the camps it manages. The situation is critical and the help that businesses and individuals can do to save lives.

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