With the theme “In you will be blessed all the families of the earth”, 30 missionaries of the International Tabernacle Church of Argentina, are working and visiting various communities throughout Remar Spain.

With a spirit of service, humility and missionary vision, this group is traveling through different cities, adding to the work that Remar performs in these places, giving out there testimony’s, working with service hands in the centers of Remar, bringing the gospel, praise, dance, preaching in squares and bringing a word of hope to those hearts who pass by the street to listen to them.

This group of missionaries have joined Remar's work in cities such as Toledo, Zaragoza and Madrid, they have also visited, gave there testimonies, praised and brought words in Arganda, Torrejón, Alcalá and Sevilla.

We thank these volunteers for their example, work, effort and passion to share the gospel wherever they go.