Remar Holland has been working for several years to benefit those in need and vulnerable people in this country. We actually count with three second hand charity shops in the city of Rotterdam and Den Haag, were we also have are church and our soup kitchen.

According to recent studies, Holland faces social problems, such as poverty, precariousness and social exclusion, considering the poverty rate has increased 14 percent in this population, approximately 2.5 million inhabitants live in precarious conditions.

One of the social works carried out by the NGO Remar in the Netherlands is the establishment and commissioning of a Soup kitchen in the city of Den Haag that attends approximately 30 people daily, to receive food, a time of company and words of love and hope for their lives.

Although we might think that there is not a lot of need in these countries, there is always someone to help, providing food or even support. Remar Holland plans to expand the Soup kitchen, so that more people with limited resources can be reached, as well as the future opening of a Home for Women.

Remar Holland, because there is always someone to help!

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