Northwest of the Patagonia is a province of Neuquén, Argentina with a population of approximately 400 thousand inhabitants, Neuquén is the third city with the highest percentage of poverty and indigence in the region.

Remar Works in provinces of Neuquen and Rio Negro, were we have a second hand shop, an office and a first and second phase house for men. The work that Remar Neuquén carries out in this part of the world is a hard part of the social work, taking weekly help, bread and food to the poorest neighborhoods and garbage dumps of this place.

"Many people wait for us and they leave very happy with their bag of bread" said by one of the volunteers of the NGO REMAR. We also have people who have come out of poverty to come and live in our centre’s for men that we have in Neuquen, like the case of Oscar who used to sleep on the streets, seeking refuge in hospitals trying to cover himself from this Patagonian cold at all costs, today he returns to the same neighbourhood and garbage dump but in a different way, being part of the team that brings help and food to those places.

There is much left to be done in this city of the world. Remar Neuquén in Argentina works everyday, because our hands will never get tired of giving!

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