On Sunday afternoon a fire broke out in the Refugee Camps of Lesbos, in which a fire began in a small tent, which later on extended further destroying eight containers, which served as housing to dozens of refugees. The situation became extremely dangerous and violent considering many of them were faced with the death of two people, which unleashed a crisis of aggression and attacks against the police and fire fighters.

In the middle of this Chaos the volunteers of the NGO Remar SOS where miraculously freed by the hand of the Lord considering they were well, both vehicles, homes and furniture, have not been damaged, but they lived moments of great tension and anguish for several hours. Currently everything is under control, but its necessary to support in prayer due to the extreme situations that are lived in which there lives are at risk and where thousands of people living there too.

The reality that is lived day to day in the refugee camps are extremely difficult, the media disseminates little information and it seems to be a forgotten matter, when there are thousands of people who continue to live in the most extreme and uncertainty of where they’ll be in the future, their lives continue in a daily routine, in an environment in which there is no possibility of change and a place where time doesn’t stop.

We call on companies and people with hearts full of compassion, love and mercy to join together to send humanitarian aid and to collaborate with the NGO Remar S.O.S in Lesbos, considering the need is extreme and constant. From Remar Spain and from other countries, containers of humanitarian aid are sent where they receive all kind of aid and support is given to thousands of refugees daily.

Remar S.O.S help where needed!
“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Pslam 46.1


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