Care for Elderly People


Remar NGO Helping the elderly

By providing nursing homes, we seek to remedy the situation of loneliness and neglect that many elderly people suffer from and, at the same time, we encourage them to participate in the activities of the Association, so that they can feel themselves useful and needed. In some cases they are suffering from a terminal illness, and we seek to offer them, in their last days, a dignified life full of care and affection.


We have a special respect for the elder generation, for they are those who came before us and who have contributed towards the maintenance of society and who, we believe, can still be very useful to society today because of their experience and knowledge. They deserve special care in their old age.



  1. To prevent and address situations of need, loneliness and illness. 
  2. To invite as many elderly people as possible to take part in REMAR activities.
  3. TTo inform and train them on issues of health, nutrition, physical activity, self care, the use of medicines, the prevention of accidents, and so on.
  4. To encourage interest in popular culture, devoting space to the promotion and dissemination of concerts, lectures, museum exhibitions, theatres, etc.  
  5. To create a weekly meeting point, providing a comprehensive and attractive alternative for the leisure time of our beloved elderly people.  
  6. To make the public as a whole aware of the needs of our senior citizens, since it is important to preserve the ethical and moral values of care, protection, companionship, of listening, caring and loving the elderly. This is done with the help of information campaigns involving the distribution of leaflets explaining about the work of Remar in this area. The Oriental societies are an example to us in this matter, since they maintain good moral values in their family life, but Western culture has been losing interest more and more in these matters.

  7. To alleviate the loneliness of the elderly.  
  8. To present and disseminate activities where social recognition is given to the concept of voluntary service, and to collect information on the tasks that each group and volunteer is carrying out.

 Remar NGO Helping the elderly


The ageing of the population as well as the low birth rate and an increase in situations of dependence means that there is a demand for support services for a major segment of the population: the elderly.

They are two clearly distinguishable ways in which one can help in this programme:


1) Home care:

Once the person in need has been contacted, the home care begins immediately. Those integrated in the service are volunteer helpers. The number of cases dealt with is variable and is based on specific needs.


2) The integration of the elderly in the activities of the Association:

Since our Association is charitable and free of charge to the beneficiaries, we are always appealing for voluntary collaboration from anyone who wishes to help. Over the years many elderly people have accepted this challenge, to the mutual benefit of the Association and themselves. In this spirit, the Association encourages the elderly to organize their own specific activities, in the same way as has happened with the young people.

Remar NGO Helping the elderly

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