Needs covered by Remar

 Remar NGO Clothing

REMAR provides suitable clothing, both for everyday wear and also for school. Not only is the mortality risk of breast-fed children and children under the age of five higher amongst poor families, but also those children who manage to survive suffer higher rates of malnutrition, development problems, abuse and neglect.


Remar NGO HealthIn REMAR, parents are trained to develop a better parenthood in areas such as nutrition, personal and child hygiene, child care, household chores, moral education, good behavioural habits, parental responsibility, etc.

Remar NGO Health

Many children are admitted into our homes with feelings of rejection, sadness, apathy, loss of appetite, lack of communication, loneliness, anxiety... and even suffering from malnutrition, abuse, abandonment...

 Remar NGO Nutrition

When boys and girls receive a good start in life, with a full and healthy diet, they have more chance of surviving through infancy and of growing up healthy and strong. They also suffer less from disease and are able to develop their verbal, mental, emotional and social abilities to the full. 

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