Pencil-case project

You can support education in countries of extreme poverty, by providing school materials.

This Library has been installed to serve the Remar Charity Schools in Guatemala, thanks to many generous people’s donations that have been sent out in humanitarian aid containers from Remar in Spain.
Did you know that all the left over school materials that are not used provide the opportunity to thousands of children to be able to study?  Maybe this sounds rather overoptimistic and unconvincing, but it really is true.  Over the last two years more than 200 boxes filled with educational supplies have been sent out to Guatemala where we run two schools with more than 400 pupils: the boys and girls who live in our care homes.
With all this material that Spanish pupils contributed with the desire to support the education of these children, we have been able to build up a Library and to equip 15 classrooms with educational supplies at the “Olivo I” and “Olivo II” Schools.  

Remar NGO Pencil Case Project

Our chief objective is to combat illiteracy and to give support to those children who want to study, for we are well aware that education forms the foundation of a prosperous nation.  

As to date, the Remar Association maintains schools in Angola, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, providing education to more than 5,000 children.

These figures are overwhelming, because we are talking about children snatched from depraved ways, from hostile environments, from gangs of juvenile delinquents (“Maras”), from situations of complete neglect, etc.  We want to offer them a comprehensive education that will prepare them to face up to the challenges of life in general.

In Spain we collect all the donations and then select the materials to be sent in each container, depending upon their destination and the specific needs to be catered for in each of the countries where Remar is active.

The children attended daily in our homes include many who are sent there by court order, but there are also many more who…

  • Suffer child abuse from their own relatives.

  • Are addicted to drugs as the only way out of their problems.

  • Are unprotected and exposed to exploitation.

  • Are undernourished and, as a result, suffer from endemic and mortal diseases.

Remar NGO Pencil Case Project



School supplies:

- Exercise books and sheets of paper
- Pencils, pens, crayons, felt-tips…
- Sellotape, calculators, staplers…
- Scissors, rulers, erasers
- Balloons, sweets
- Text books and story books in good condition (Spanish, English)
- Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias
- Clothing, footwear, towels…
- Fancy dress clothes, teddy bears, toys, dolls
- Children’s music CDs

We collect the material and ship it out in aid containers to the most disadvantaged countries, where Remar is working.  

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We work for love of God and of our neighbour!

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