Programs directed to Youth


A large number of young people are being cared for, nurtured, supported and maintained in our Remar homes. Soon after entering the home they begin to grow stronger, both physically and psychologically, due to the better nutrition and quality of life. By covering the basic needs of these young people, we increase the opportunities available to them to reach their full potential.

Many are coming off the streets, leaving behind their problems of delinquency, unemployment and drug addiction. In Remar they receive vocational training in occupational workshops, learning different skills such as metal carpentry, upholstery, wood carpentry, mechanics, etc. At the same time they develop positive work values: effort, responsibility, diligence and dedication, which help keep them out of vagrancy and idleness and enable them to become productive members of society.

  • Learning a work skill that will enable them to take an active role in society helps them to strengthen their own self-esteem.
  • Many young people are rescued from drug addiction..
  • These work activities help to boost the production capacity in handicrafts, metal carpentry, upholstery, wood carpentry, mechanics, etc., and this, in turn, helps to make the Remar centres financially self-supporting.
  • The enhanced performance of these young people encourages social and public entities, as well as the local authorities, to support a policy of reintegration for the socially-marginalised youth.
  • It promotes a culture of solidarity, through its own example, and mechanisms of care that are centered upon the family unit. And so networks of solidarity within the communities are strengthened.
  • The technical training received in these different areas and tasks means that many of these young people will soon be able, themselves, to direct new projects such as REMAR shops, community homes, small businesses, new occupational workshops, free meals centres, etc.
  • The training and education of these young people promotes the development of their organizational capabilities and management skills, and this, in turn, improves the quality and quantity of the work, products and services.

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