Participation in Development

We consider that the best way to free a population from extreme poverty is by getting it to participate in the creation of its own solution to the problem: teaching the members of the local community to work and to develop their own productive abilities; training them to become agents of change within their nation; transforming their attitude towards their own realities; using the human and natural resources they have available in order to improve their environment.

Encouraging youth participation means making certain changes in the bond structures established between the members of a project. Participation implies learning how to carry responsibility, something which, at first, proves difficult both for the young people themselves and also for the adults who have to delegate in them.

But the latter must understand that the younger generation needs to feel useful, active, involved, useful, integrated into the development of REMAR's projects, in order that they can see the fruit of their work and efforts. That is why REMAR encourages the participation of our youth in different development projects, in which they can collaborate with enthusiasm and motivation, aware that their work is valuable, fruitful and profitable.

Adults have a special part to play that cannot be delegated. They need to intervene in order to deal with and relieve the tensions in the relationships with the young people when authority has to be exercised. This system also allows them to train these adolescents in certain codes of discipline and work responsibility and to equip them with the knowledge, skills, work performance and values that may be required in the future. It fosters commitment and helps them to become aware of the difference between responsibility and passive reception.

As they grow up, teenagers sense a need to feel they belong. They learn, grow and prosper when they are given a wide range of opportunities to have an influence upon their environment. The contributions made by teenagers in their homes, schools and communities can inspire and bring about a lasting transformation. They can help to change the world.

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