This is the phase of preparation for reinsertion into society, and it lasts approximately six months, depending upon each individual case.




During this stage the individual is given certain responsibilities, and these help to test and form his/her character. The degree of trust which is put in him helps to raise his self-esteem and encourages him to share in the tasks of the community. Those who come to our centres with no training have the opportunity to receive instruction in one of our various professional training workshops: carpentry, welding and metalwork, painting, computer work, accounting and office administration, vehicle mechanics, audio-visual work, etc.

Those young people who previously missed out on the opportunity to learn a professional skill or trade, due to their addiction, are now able to overcome this deficiency. They will be able to face up to the demands of life in a more positive way, since they can learn a practical and useful skill in preparation for their new venture into society. After completing this stage of social reinsertion, many people decide to dedicate their efforts to helping other people coming to the centres with similar problems and needs to their own.

Thanks to their willpower and enthusiasm, they are able to show that they have achieved a permanent change in their lives, leaving behind the traumatic experiences of the past. However, these terrible experiences are also their best ally in their task of helping new people admitted into the centres with the same issues that they are learning to overcome.



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