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Project conceived in order to provide 500 children at risk the opportunity to live in a care center.


The City of Children is a project conceived in order to provide 500 children at risk (street children, orphans, young offenders, drug addicts) the opportunity to live in a care center where they facilitate access to the basic food, shelter, clothing, health and education needs, as well as civic, ethical and moral training that enables them to improve their quality of life and full integration into society.



It consists in the construction and equipment of 3 appropriate care-homes to provide comprehensive coverage and professional help with a suitable environment for these children.

The construction of this home is inserted in the Institutional Foster Care Program for children at risk that Remar Association in Burkina Faso runs throughout the country, in order to offer their services to improve the quality of life of these groups.

The construction is being carried out in stages:

Current tasks already completed:

- 7 inhabited houses, family homes and children's homes, a school and a kindergarten, a community dining room, multipurpose room, classrooms and occupational workshops, a warehouse and a storage area varieties of fruit trees planted, an orchard growing area, it is a large farm with many possibilities, health coverage for the neighboring area.

Now they want to build 3 houses, each will have 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge and laundry, whit a capacity to hold 8 minors in each.

In a third stage, more houses, an administrative area with offices, an area of nursing and health clinics, a sports field and training workshops. This second stage is not included in the budget.






In 1993 REMAR started working in BURKINA FASO with the most vulnerable sectors of the population, according to it's philosophy and vision of helping people in situations of marginalization and social exclusion.

The social work in this country began with the development of the rehabilitation program and social reintegration of drug addicts including all kinds of people facing these problems (men, women, children). As the work in this area is spreading, we see the need to act on other social issues, currently with the following social programs:

  • Detoxification and rehabilitation programs for adults with addiction problems.
  • Care programs for elderly people have been abandoned.
  • Medical program through a Charity Clinic.
  • Care programs for minors (children and adolescents) through protection centers.
  • Education program: through a school.


Our institution looks after single mothers, third age people, people who are in terminally ill situations, youth and children of both genders considered to be in risk and who were victims of all kinds of abuse, violence, trauma, broken homes, abandon, and sometimes even victims of armed conflict that has ravaged the country for so long.

In Burkina Faso a total of 53 centers are held to serve more than 1,290 people, in addition to other programs that benefit more than 3,500 people.

In addition, Remar keeps social kitchens in the streets and prisons, in some medical clinics, and has open vocational training centers and schools, hiring different teachers for several hundred children in the community and village to offer free education. Burkina's government has congratulated the work and quality of the education provided by Remar's schools.



REMAR continues to work in comprehensive care programs for children and youth and this is where this project stands. With the construction of this city of children we hopes to expand the coverage of our services so that a complex of homes can be installed in the school grounds, optimizing the management of both human and material resources.




In BURKINA FASO, the percentage of children and youth at risk and in social exclusion is high, bad social-economic conditions, problems of family disintegration, falling out of the educational system, etc; turns thousands of children into potential transgressors of the law and into a disabled human resource.

In order to serve the population, REMAR develops a comprehensive program that consists primarily of integrating children into our foster homes where they receive care and support, they are trained in habits and discipline designed to generate autonomy and responsibility in them, and also consider indispensable their training and training in productive activities that allow them to integrate into the productive economic sector of the region. City children will be installed in the farm Kossodo, BURKINA FASO already home to children, adolescents and mothers participating in the program of care for children, youth and women.

Kossodo, is a farm where there are already 9 houses built for children, dining rooms for 200 people with low resources in the area, with plans to build about 50 houses, each of them equipped with sanitary facilities and dormitories for all. It also runs a nursery for minors, a preschool, an industrial laundry, administrative offices and a health center. This center has received government permission to treat patients and they do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



This project is part of the response of the NGO to the problems of children and woman in Burkina creating spaces for refuge, protection and training in situations of social risk.

Burkina is currently among the 30 poorest countries on earth, but just a few years ago it was still among the five most disadvantaged. The poverty in Burkina Faso so far in children and the population in general has produced famine and therefore infant mortality from malnutrition and many deaths from malaria, tuberculosis, pneumonia and meningitis. Lack of education has given them little prospect for improvement in these years.

Malnourished children and orphans continue to enter our homes, and young people who never have a chance to study continue to flock our schools and vocational training centers, but we have also begun to see teenage children who roam in groups through the streets with cans of gasoline and begging for coins.




500 minors.

All children are characterized by:

  • Malnutrition problems, poor eating habits and endemic diseases.
  • Social integration problems, lack of standards of conduct and social coexistence.
  • Dropout, minimal or zero levels of schooling.
  • Low levels or impaired self-esteem.

Collective needs of this group:

  • Physical: decent housing, food, hygiene, clothing.
  • Education: Access to education.
  • Health: Access to medical services.
  • Recreation.
  • Emotional and spiritual: gain back self-esteem, personal development, motivation.




Current completed completed:

  • 7 inhabited houses, family homes and children's homes.
  • A school and a kindergarten.
  • A community room with capacity for 700 people.
  • A multipurpose room with capacity for 1,000 people.
  • Classrooms and occupational workshops: woodwork, metalwork, upholstery and sewing.
  • A warehouse and a storage area.
  • Planted varieties of fruit trees, a vegetable garden and growing area because it is a large farm with many possibilities.
  • Health coverage for the neighboring area: is in the midst of very poor villages, health care to the surrounding population is given by contracted health personnel.


EXPECTED RESULTS with your help:

  • Construction of 8 more houses, for children 0-17 years.
  • Finish the construction and equipping of homes.
  • Improve children's habits:
  1. Hygiene.
  2. Feeding.
  3. Education.
  4. School performance.
  5. Personal development and self-esteem.
  • Integrate children in schools or vocational workshops of the Association.
  • Support this project that is already saving lives, but thanks to you, can still save many more lives.




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