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''SANISI'' homes, Clinic Medical consultation and Dentistry, Pharmacy, counseling and department for children most affected by AIDS.


REMAR works in the Dominican Republic since 1999 for the benefit of children and the needy. Currently it serves a population of 380 people, of whom 235 are children in high-risk situations of abuse, abuse, family violence, extreme poverty, etc. All these children are provided with food, clothing, education, medical care and care in all their physical and emotional and spiritual needs.

The present proposal aims to reduce infant mortality by having an impact upon the health of children in the region of Santa Ana (Dominican Republic) through the improvement of the existing health resources. The aim is to increase aid to the undernourished and sick child population which is continually expanding in this very underprivileged region. The high infant mortality rate is affected by the widespread number of infectious diseases, nutritional deficiencies, the very scarce programmes of immunization and the extremely limited access to healthy drinking water and basic health services.

Through the equipping of a primary health centre for children, health and nutritional care can be provided for 700 children from low-income families in Santo Domingo.


REMAR has been working in the Dominican Republic since 1999, caring for children and very needy people. At present there are 380 people in care, 235 of whom are children coming from high risk situations of abuse, domestic violence, extreme poverty, etc. All of these children receive housing and maintenance, clothing, schooling and health care, and all their physical, emotional and spiritual needs are fully met.

In May 2005 the Hogar SANISI home (Saving Children with AIDS) was inaugurated, with the mission of providing care to children from low income families, abandoned or orphaned, who are HIV positive. The objective is to provide them with a home, clothing, a healthy diet, care and protection, schooling and health care, with the provision of the medicines they need in order to save their lives and help them to become normal and active children in the society in which they live. Hogar SANISI is located at Km.18, Autopista Las Américas, Santo Domingo Este.

The Hogar SANISI home for children with AIDS disease is situated within a rented property which already accommodates a Clinic with doctor's surgery and odontological services, a pharmacy, psychological care surgery and a department for those children who are most seriously affected by AIDS. The installation of the proposed centre would be within this clinic, with the aim of being able to offer care to a greater number of children from the surrounding district. The centre will have a capacity for 50 children, with a bathroom and shower in every room, and dining and living rooms on each of the three levels. Also a spacious patio for recreational activities, and a laundry.

The first level houses the Clinic with doctor's surgery and odontological services, the pharmacy, the psychological care surgery, and the department for the most seriously affected children. On the second level is the living area for the male children, who are cared for by two missionary workers. On the third level is the accommodation for the female children, who are looked after by a married couple and two volunteer women.

This project has been running for 7 years now and offers care to 50 children referred to us by the state social services. Yet, despite this, the number of undernourished and sick children on the streets of Santo Domingo continues to grow. It is for this reason that there is the need for an additional primary healthcare centre and a clinic with doctor's surgery, so that a greater number of children from the surrounding district can be helped. Several reforms and additional equipment will be necessary.

With this project for the enlargement of the primary healthcare centre for children we shall be able to offer health and nutritional care to 300 minors from our homes and more than 400 children from the surrounding district of Santo Domingo.


700 minors, of both sexes, aged 0 to 16 years old and from the region of Santo Domingo.


The minors who are the beneficiaries are usually referred to us by one of the following bodies which which we work: CONANI (National Council for Children, Adolescents and Prosecuters of Minors); those who hand over to us the care of minors because they are in one of the following high risk situations:

  • Orphaned (of parents with or without HIV/AIDS)
  • In a situation of extreme poverty
  • Abandoned in hospitals

Beneficiaries of this centre will also include minors from the region who are suffering from malnutrition, sickness, domestic violence... those who come to the centre to receive free medical attention or nutritional rehabilitation, and those who are detected by the field workers, in their community visits, to be suffering from problems of health or malnutrition.

The experience gained by the NGO Remar in this region through the running of its free meals centre, its homes for abandoned children and, particularly, its home for children who are suffering from AIDS, has helped the organization to become acquainted in a personal and direct manner with those living in the suburb of Ensanche Isabelita. This is a very important and beneficial advantage when it comes to the task of detecting serious cases of illness or malnutrition.

The general objective of this project is to provide a wider and better health cover to the child population of the region of Santa Ana (Dominican Republic), in order to improve the quality of life of these minors who suffer from endemic illness and malnutrition. There is a particular emphasis on the needs of those minors affected by HIV/AIDS.

The specific objectives are the following:

  • Support in order to enable access to schooling
  • Cover of the basic nutritional needs
  • Integration of the minors into a normal way of life.

In the Dominican Republic there is a very serious problem with minors who live on the streets, and with children from low income families who have very poor diets and a high rate of sickness. There is a high percentage of the child and adolescent population that the public organisms need to place in institutional centres in order to save them from their situation of neglect and social marginalization and to offer them a positive alternative so that they are able to obtain a successful overall personal development.

For our Association this project is fruit of a continuing labour of many years with the child population of the Dominican Republic. The creation of spaces where they are able to receive comprehensive care, in accord with the economic needs of the region in which they live, has turned out to be fruitful. In REMAR we set out from our daily experience with these children, with whom, year after year, we have been able to achieve positive results in their social reintegration. Not only this, but many of them also decide to continue working with us, as active agents of social development within one of our many projects, either at a national level or in another part of Central America.


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