The creation of small business enterprises, such as a photo shop, a soap factory, a mop factory, and shops which sell different products, such as furniture, clothing and other goods manufactured in our workshops, donated materials sent from Spain in containers for commercialization, etc. generates income for the self-financing of the Remar centres in the third world countries, and for the opening of new businesses.  They also give on the spot training to prepare more photo technicians, soap manufacturers and shop workers, etc. to staff the growing number of businesses.

         Bargain furniture shop in Buenos Aires,

                The sale of clothing helps our work financially.

Hundreds of shops work to support the work of Remar in the different countries

Clothes shop in Remar Ecuador.

Furniture shop in Remar Brazil.


In other countries different strategies are used to combat poverty. It was decided to create small food businesses, such as bakeries, where beneficiaries of the Remar centres bake bread and rolls. Other such businesses include chilli and sauce factories, food shops, agriculture and livestock activities, etc.
These activities ensure an adequate provision of food for those living in our centres, and also create financial resources.

Bakery selling bread and cakes prepared by people in Remar Peru.
Bakery in Rosario, Argentina.
Food store in Valparaiso, Chile.

Baking and sale of bread. Bakery in
Concepción, Chile.

Remar bakery, in Rosario, Argentina.

Remar fruit shop.


We had to find more sources of income in order to be able to provide more help for the needy, create more programmes, open more homes for those rejected by society, and improve the living conditions in the homes which already exist.

Remar decided to create properly organized businesses for the manufacture of cleaning products. These include not only the fabrication of mops (inexistent in many countries of Central and South America), but also that of brushes, dust pans, fresh air sprays, disinfectants, various kinds of soap, wax polish and other products, to be commercialized, with the aim of generating greater financial resources, so necessary if we are to improve the services we offer, and if we are to open more homes for men, women, children and married couples.

Production of mops, Columbia.
Production of disinfectants in Nicaragua.
Production of mops in Brazil.
Production of disinfectants in Guatemala.

The making of cleaning utensils.

The preparation of cleaning products.

Disinfectants factory in Guatemala.

Cleaning products prepared by Remar
volunteers in Columbia, Ecuador, Peru…


The car wash is a business that generates profits which help to support our centres in Uruguay, Argentina and other countries in the Third World.
Car wash centre in Rio IV, Argentina
Car upholstery centre in Managua, Nicaragua.

Remar Car Wash Centre in Argentina.

The Remar men work continually, so that
the Car Wash Centre is always open.

Remar Car Wash Centre, thanks to which we are able to cover many financial needs

As well as the Remar Car Wash Centre we have the Remar Garage, where your vehicle will receive the best possible attention.

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