The General Assembly of the United Nations in 2007 approved that each year on the 2 October as the international day of No Violence it is celebrated as a way to raise awareness regarding the need to seek peace, understanding, empathy, and tolerance and to create a brotherhood among people.

The representatives of the NGO Remar in Madrid met up with Mr.Álvaro González López, Councilor of the District of Carabanchel, Madrid with the objective of presenting new Vocational Training such as the project Remar FP Insertion with Future, this program has been launched and in is undertaken in the community kitchen that the NGO Remar has opened in the neighbourhood of Carabanchel, Madrid, Spain.

On the 1 of October, Children’s day is celebrated in Guatemala, dedicated to understanding childhood, there well-being, development, growth and above all there rights as children to have a dignified, stable and a life free of illness.

In the area of Pachacamac- Villa El Salvador, Peru, the NGO Remar in this country has carried out a Medical Campaign together with the company Petroperu, S.A. which provided medical care, counselling on food and guidance to more than 600 poor people living in Lima.

On the 14 of December 1990, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated the first of October as the international day of elderly people to raise awareness and to remember the value that elderly people have within society, in a family environment and the surroundings.

The NGO Remar in Hong Kong has sent a container of humanitarian aid to Remar in the city of Maputo, Mozambique.

On Sunday afternoon a fire broke out in the Refugee Camps of Lesbos, in which a fire began in a small tent, which later on extended further destroying eight containers, which served as housing to dozens of refugees. The situation became extremely dangerous and violent considering many of them were faced with the death of two people, which unleashed a crisis of aggression and attacks against the police and fire fighters.

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