Attention to Families

The principal objective of this programme is to achieve the restoration and normalization of family life: the relationship between husband and wife, between parents and children, orientation and help to establish a favourable environment, care in the education and upbringing of the children.

Remar NGO Family Care

We began to realize that the families of many of those who came for rehabilitation had been badly damaged by the different consequences of drug addiction. This situation led us to the creation of family centres. Our desire is for the formation of exemplary people who contribute in a useful way to society, and we believe that, to achieve this, we must begin with the basic and primary social nucleus, namely the family.

Regular talks are given on specific family themes: the role each member should fill in order for the family to keep strong; the upbringing of the children; sexuality; care of the home environment; how to avoid and/or solve family conflicts, etc.

The majority of the families joining this programme have had at least one of their members following earlier stages of treatment in the centre, and it is now that they begin to live together again. Then there are other families who find themselves in very difficult and critical circumstances and are admitted into our centres. There is also the case of young people already living in our centres who decide to get married and start their own family.

The principal objective of the programme is to reestablish a normal and healthy family life, and covers the following main areas:

  • The relationship between husband and wife.
  • The relationship between parents and children.
  • Specific personal problems needing attention.
  • Guidance in different areas.
  • The existence of a favourable environment.
  • Care in the upbringing of the children.

Remar NGO Family Care

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