Care for people affected by AIDS


Remar NGO Helping people with AIDS

The appearance of the AIDS syndrome in a generalised form amongst certain groups (drug addicts, homosexuals, etc.…) has opened up a new area of extreme need and, consequently, a new area of activity for those institutions that work within these sectors of society.


Programs to assist persons infected by AIDS

Having noted the rejection by society that the appearance of this syndrome caused, and the consequent creation of real crises for those who had to face up to the acceptance of an extremely serious illness, we realised the need to act in defence of those who were suffering this tragedy in their lives.

What is more, amongst those who came to our centres for assistance were people who suffered from this illness. Our Association felt the need to provide practical responses, the first of these being the provision of adequate care for these patients. Consequently, our approach and our installations had to be adapted to cater for their special needs.


Remar NGO Helping people with AIDS

SANISI Home in Guatemala.

When the problem of AIDS first began to emerge amongst those being attended in our centres, the Association did not consider it opportune to send them away for treatment elsewhere. Rather, assuming an attitude of responsibility towards these new circumstances, we decided we would care for them in our own centres.

Knowing that this illness is one of the most widely-spread in certain under-developed countries, we saw the need to adopt appropriate measures to help this type of patient, and to teach them about the precautions which should be taken to avoid infecting others and thus aggravating the problem.

We have observed how, once AIDS made its appearance, many associations quickly adjusted their regulations. Although none of the people already in rehabilitation were expelled, a blood test became a necessary preliminary to making an application for admission. In this way, they could avoid accepting affected people into the centres.

Remar NGO Helping people with AIDS

Remar NGO Helping people with AIDS

SANISI Home in Dominican Republic

Our stance was that of continuing to admit all who came for help. If someone was suffering from this particular problem, we would take charge of the situation and take care of him or her ourselves.

We have also had people in our centres who, because of further complications with the illness, eventually decide to go back to live with their relatives. In these cases, the Association continues a follow-up programme through hospital and home visits, as will be explained in another section.

The principal objective with patients suffering from AIDS is the maintenance of a lifestyle that is as normal as possible, and, of course, the provision of special care in those situations that demand it.

We also consider it important to provide the patient with adequate information about his/her situation and illness.


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