Saving Children with AIDS


Guatemala is a country where over 80% of the population lives in poverty, and every day, due to the difference between social classes, the means for living and survival become more limited for families with scarce resources and people suffering from social exclusion.

It is very sad to see that a high percentage of this population is formed by children, who are the scapegoats of the almost infrahuman conditions into which they have been born and/or which their families are able to offer them - and, in fact, do offer them.

Even though there are many serious issues directly and indirectly affecting the child population in Guatemala, one of the scourges that we are less informed about is the illness that has been affecting not only this country but also the rest of the world: the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

This syndrome is made up of a group of clinical symptoms that constitute a disease or an abnormal physio-pathological condition. In this case, it produces a deficiency in the immune system, the function of which is to defend our organism against the diverse diseases that from time to time attack us. AIDS has been at the centre of global attention since 1981 due to its devastating effects, and there is very little reliable data on its propagation in Guatemala. Therefore, there is virtually no information concerning the number of children who suffer from this disease daily and who die from it as a result of lack of attention, care and medicinal, material and human resources.


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