Care for Women

The principal objective is to help women to overcome crisis social situations and to then encourage their own personal development in a balanced environment, with the aim of maximising their personal realization as individuals.

Programs to assist women


Aware of the reality of women who live in extreme situations due to many different circumstances, our Association endeavours to help offer valid alternatives through which women can find a way out. With this aim in mind, we have created a network of centres where women from different social backgrounds come for help: single mothers, widows, separated, those who are suffering abuse or are experiencing a very difficult family situation, those with problems of prostitution who want to break away from that style of life, those who come out of prison and have no decent place to go to, and a long list more ….

The first objective is to achieve stability in the lives of these women, and this is done through these centres, where protection and sustenance is offered, and where any children they may have are also attended, within the respective programmes for children.   We endeavour to help those women who come to our centres so that they do not find themselves returning again to a situation similar to that which brought them to us.  For this reason, once they have become stabilised, a process begins, in some cases longer than in others, in which we attempt to orientate these women so that they eventually become capable of coping in an adequate way with the problems of daily life in society..

It is important to bear in mind that each case is unique, and so it is difficult to generalise.  The process is adapted individually to each woman, since the treatment has to suit the person, rather than the person suit the treatment.  In all cases there are group talks and meetings, and then analysis is made of the best individual treatment for each case, advice being offered for judicial problems, separation and divorce cases, etc…...

Our Association also encourages training for these women, making available to them the different programmes of professional training, and teaching them, through the programmes for children and the family, how to care for and educate their children.

Another important aspect of the programme is the encouragement of social interrelationship with other women, through women’s meetings and their use of our social centres for activities specifically related to women. These include special women’s breakfasts, during which talks are organised on special themes of interest, such as AIDS, the economic situation, health, beauty, dietary matters, and many other topics, presented by eminent authorities in the different specialities and followed enthusiastically by women both within and outside the Association.

Amongst the activities of the women’s programmes, there are talks organised for married women, and during these sessions many problems of married and family life, with their possible solutions, are discussed. We also have a counselling service available where the women can receive specific individual help for their problems and anxieties, and where practical solutions are worked out.



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