Humanitarian Aid Containers

For 23 years now Remar has been responding to the call for help from different groups who are at serious risk due to prolonged droughts, flooding, earthquakes, war …. Disasters which continue to strike the most vulnerable peoples.


Remar sends out humanitarian aid containers above all in the hope of providing for the most basic needs, but also of benefiting families and societies in general, as the self-respect of many people on the margins of society is restored, and as children and adolescents who come to our centres through the benefits of this project are able to receive schooling and professional training. Not only basic commodities, such as foods, medicines, blankets are sent, but also clothing (both new and secondhand) to promote the self-financing of Remar in these countries, through the creation of shops – new and secondhand clothing shops, market stalls, etc., bringing in more income to the Centres. Books, stationery, educational materials, office equipment, etc. is also sent, helping promote and support the Remar free schools projects for the poorest children. Furniture is sent to improve the living conditions in the schools, the free meals centres, and the community homes, and so children are the chief beneficiaries here. Machinery and equipment is sent for the professional training workshops that Remar is providing for many of the young people in rehabilitation, offering them the opportunity to learn an honest work skill to earn a decent living. Vehicles are also sent out, to help improve mobility and transport possibilities for those living in the Remar community homes in the various countries. Office equipment is provided: computers, printers, typewriters, to help with the administrative work, the organization of the homes, the schools, the accounting records, the clinic filing systems, the first aid work, the out-patient surgeries etc. which are all offered free of charge by Remar, in the different centres with their relevant facilities.

All the containers are donated, a great majority of them by Remar España, and also some by Remar UK and other countries in the more wealthy northern hemisphere, to those less-developed countries to which they are sent.

Remar NGO Humanitarian AID Containers


Some of them contain commercial products for sale as well as humanitarian aid material, but in all cases the donations are made to help towards the development and maintenance of the different Remar projects (all of which are completely free-of-charge) in those less-developed countries: the community homes, rehabilitation centres, schools, professional training workshops, meals centres, clinics and small hospitals, etc.


Remar NGO Humanitarian AID Containers   Remar NGO Humanitarian AID Containers




A great variety of goods are sent in the containers: vehicles, tools and machinery, food products, clothing and footwear, babies’ prams and push chairs …..

Particularly in Spain, and also in the U.K. and at other sending points, the donated goods are first stored and then sorted and packed to be sent to the different destinations depending upon the specific needs of each of the countries where Remar is working.




  • AFRICA: Angola, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Swaziland..
  • CENTRAL AMERICA: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Belize..

  • SOUTH AMERICA:  Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay.

  • ASIA: India, Philippines



  • Vehicles: trucks (up to 3,500 kgs.), vans, 4x4 vehicles, buses, hospital vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles.
  • Power saws, tyres, motor engines..
  • Building equipment: plaster, bricks, cement, wheelbarrows, concrete mixers, paint..
  • Sanitary materials: bandages, antiseptics, latex gloves.
  • Dentistry materials.
  • Household and electrical appliances: washing machines, microwaves, irons, food mixers, etc.
  • Agricultural goods:   tractors, ploughs, seeds, pick axes, spades......
  • Carpentry tools, wood, doors..
  • Sewing machines, fabrics of all kinds..
  • Washbasins, baths, lavatory bowls, taps..
  • Industrial generators
  • Computers, computer software, etc..
  • For the community homes: sheets and blankets, towels, mattresses, bunk beds, large saucepans, cutlery and utensils, kitchen furniture, etc..
  • For the babies: nappies, cots, prams and pushchairs, baby seats, potties, plastic bathtubs.....
  • Non-perishable foods: flour, sugar, cereals, tinned and bottled goods, etc.
  •  Clothing and footwear, educational materials…

Remar NGO Humanitarian AID Containers

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