Remar NGO Clothing

REMAR provides suitable clothing, both for everyday wear and also for school. Not only is the mortality risk of breast-fed children and children under the age of five higher amongst poor families, but also those children who manage to survive suffer higher rates of malnutrition, development problems, abuse and neglect.

And since poor parents tend to be less educated and do not have access to quality social services, the preparation and performance of their children at school is impoverished. As a consequence, the cycle of poverty and inequality is handed down from one generation to another. An indispensable condition in order to break this vicious circle is that of ensuring that each boy and girl has a better start in life, by offering them opportunities to escape from poverty and by reducing the inequalities in income and wellbeing.
It has been widely proven that children from the poorest or less-favoured families and communities - and even more so, those who do not even have a family – benefit particularly from a good start in life. Early interventions reduce disparities and offer increased help to those who are poorest.


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