Health for mothers and sons


Remar NGO HealthIn REMAR, parents are trained to develop a better parenthood in areas such as nutrition, personal and child hygiene, child care, household chores, moral education, good behavioural habits, parental responsibility, etc.

Many mothers are admitted into REMAR with nutritional problems, in a state of abandonment and self-neglect, even though, in some cases, they may be pregnant. The poor diet and health of mothers, particularly during and after pregnancy, cause serious disadvantages and problems in their children. To help women, prepare them, educate them and train them to take care of themselves and to defend their own rights is essential in order that every child may have the best start in life..

REMAR provides health care in the poorest areas of many cities. In REMAR we know the causes of child mortality and we put our daily effort into offering practical solutions to those women, boys and girls who are at risk. REMAR is aware of what guaranteeing the survival and health of woman and children means.

Healthy children will become healthy adults, people able to forge a better future for themselves, their community and their country. To improve children's health worldwide is one of our main objectives. Through our organization, we have significantly advanced in the areas of immunization and vaccination, as well as in oral re-hydration as a means to save the lives of breast-fed children suffering from serious diarrhoea, in the promotion and protection of breastfeeding, in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and in providing nutrients and health education..



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