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Many children are admitted into our homes with feelings of rejection, sadness, apathy, loss of appetite, lack of communication, loneliness, anxiety... and even suffering from malnutrition, abuse, abandonment...

This causes serious problems, such as digestive pains and other diseases, personality disorders, inability to adapt, problems of communication, tensions in relationships, nervous disorders, self-isolation, lack of energy, uneasiness, etc. In REMAR we treat all these problems, we cover the deficiencies and we assist with the love and care of God that heals all wounds and pains. We believe that love is the perfect medicine for all emotional unease, or deprivation, especially for the many children who arrive at our homes without the warmth of a stable family..

It is fundamental to address these problems in early childhood wherever possible, with early learning interventions that encourage physical, cognitive and emotional development. Even though it is never too late to improve a child’s quality of life, the first three years of life are the most important ones for their survival and good progress..

To ensure the best start in life for any boy or girl it is essential to respect all their rights. For this reason, investing in these first years is the best guarantee for promoting a sustained economic and social development. It is widely proven that the choices and actions of parents and society during the first few years of childhood have a powerful and lasting influence upon both the personal development of each child and, as a consequence, the general progress of an entire nation.

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