Activities for youth

Young people have the creativity and energy needed to tackle major problems such as hunger and underdevelopment, and they have the ability to bring about change in their world, to adapt to the circumstances that are presented to them. They react quickly and easily assimilate practical knowledge, different work skills, new ways of life, good behavioural habits, and so on.

They are the main developmental resource of a country, and so it is important to invest a great deal of effort and initiatives into this sector of the population. They will, very soon, become the agents which generate the resources that contribute to the development of their country.

That part of the youth population which forms vulnerable groups needs to be restored from experiences of social exclusion through the recovery of self-esteem, the development of character-related skills, self-management and the self identity needed to develop a positive attitude towards life.

For these reasons it was decided to launch a programme to provide training for vulnerable young people, with the offer of accommodation included.

Too often, adolescents are defined by their problems rather than by their virtues, and programmes targeted at young people tend to be created in response to crisis or disturbing behaviour. More effective and durable is the strategy of investing in adolescent development from the early years of this important stage of life, encouraging them to become actively involved in discovering their own solutions to the difficulties that they, their families and their communities face.

Young men and women are a very valuable but often little-used asset in the task of achieving positive change. Their participation enhances development projects in the community, projects that improve the quality of life for families, communities and society as a whole. Many assume important responsibilities as young parents and carers, and others as youth leaders, mentors and community activists.


Mechanics, carpentry, upholstering and furniture restoration, office administration and accountancy, dressmaking, handicrafts, printing, locksmith trade, audio-visual communications.


We believe that the work we do with young people is one of the most important of all the Remar activities, since our future leaders will come from this group. Different events are organized throughout the year, specifically with the youth sector in mind.

Special summer youth camps are organized every year. Apart from providing a few days during which the young folk can share together, these camps offer the opportunity to learn new things and to enjoy a time of leisure and recreation together.

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