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Thanks to God’s help, we are able to feed hundreds of needy people. REMAR runs community kitchens in the depressed areas of many countries where thousands of children and mothers are served a daily meal.

Community Kitchens



REMAR volunteer workers run more than 110 free meals centres where they serve meals and distribute food supplies to a total of more than 13,600 people on a low income or with no resources at all.

Remar cannot remain indifferent to the hunger that exists in countries characterized by misery and extreme poverty. Through these community kitchens food is provided to the most disadvantaged members of society: the elderly, children, prisoners, etc. This programme was developed to minimize the serious problems faced by so many people who are without food, lacking a healthy diet and suffering from malnutrition which can lead to death. In Burkina Faso hunger and misery have become one of their worst enemies. So Community Kitchens were built in the places where they were most needed.

In Ghana we have a Community Kitchen for children with special needs and another one serving 200 children. In South America we have free meals centres in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, and Chile… where meals are served to the most needy: the elderly, women and children. With God’s help we shall continue to open more Community Kitchens around the world.

Remar NGO Community Kitchens


However, it is the children who are the chief focus of attention for our Association. In countries such as Peru or Ecuador, it is normal to see undernourished children wandering around the streets with nothing to eat. Often entire families have to go out and start begging in order to survive. Many of these children are driven to involvement in criminal activities in order to be able to take home something to eat. And so the work we do through the community kitchens, helping these needy ones, is also important in the prevention of greater evils.

So the Association conducts information campaigns, and organizes collections of food, clothing and other materials which are needed throughout the year. As a result of these campaigns we have managed to send several shipments of food to the neediest places, in collaboration with other charitable associations. And also there are people who, identifying themselves with the call to missions, have decided to go and work wherever they are needed, regardless of the material shortages that they may have to put up with. Currently we have a large number of people in missions around the world.

Not only is it important to highlight the work of the missionaries but also that of all those other volunteers who, although they have not left their homes, have decided to collaborate with our cause by helping to organize this work. Apart from serving all these meals from the community kitchens, the Association is also committed to covering all the accommodation and maintenance needs of the beneficiaries who are living in the different REMAR facilities.


Community Kitchens in the prisons

Prisons are places where some of the greatest needs are found; most prison inmates in the very poor countries live in hopelessly overcrowded cells and lack the very basics needed to survive.

The REMAR association has set up community kitchens for prisoners in Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea and Paraguay. The prison population is considered to be one of the most disadvantaged sectors of society and, due to the drastic economic situation of some countries, many prisoners die of starvation. If they are able to receive help, care and support they are sure to manifest a psychological and emotional change for the good.



Remar NGO Community Kitchens   Remar NGO Community Kitchens

                                    Dining room in prison in Maputo , Mozambique.                                                                        Dining room in prison in Mozambique.

Remar NGO Community Kitchens

Dining room in prison in Burkina Faso.


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